Most Lakes Region business do not include gratuities for there staff.  Should you use your good judgment and decided to compensate the service staff according to the level of service you receive, we offer you these guidelines.

  • In Hotels
    • Housekeeping Staff:  $2-5 per night, the lower amount for budget hotels with limited service.
    • Hotel Shuttle Drivers:  $2-3 per person
    • Porter/Doorman/Bell Staff:  $1-2 per bag, more if bags are exceptionally heavy.
    • Room Service: many hotels add a gratuity of 18% in for you, tipping extra is at your discretion.
  • Taxi Service
    • 15-20% of the fare, plus $1-2 per bag if you request help with your luggage.
  • Restaurants
    • 15-20% of the bill for good service.

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