Find out answers to the all important questions like what is the New Hampshire state tree?  Does New Hampshire have a state bird?  Just what does Winnipesaukee actually mean?  Did the movie "What about Bob" really take place in New Hampshire?  How many lakes and ponds are there in the state?  Is there actually a state amphibian?


Lake Winnipesaukee has a surface area of about 72 Square Miles, or 44,586 acres.   The New Hampshire State Mineral is Beryl.
  There are 258 islands dotting Lake Winnipesaukee.  
The New Hampshire State Gem is Smokey Quartz.   The New Hampshire State Animal is the white tailed deer.
  Lake Winnipesaukee has about 178 miles of shoreline.  
The movie "What About Bob" takes place on Lake Winnipesaukee, but was actually filmed at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.   Lake Winnipesaukee's largest islands include Long Island, and Bear Island.
  The New Hampshire State Saltwater Game Fish is Striped Bass.  
There is an Island on Winnipesaukee called "Nine Acres" which is actually thirteen acres in size.   Winnipesaukee is an Indian term meaning "Smile Of The Great Sprit."
  New Hampshire has 1300 lakes or ponds.  
The oldest summer resort town in the US, Wolfeboro, is located on the Winnipesaukee.   The New Hampshire State Tree is The white birch.
  The New Hampshire State Freshwater Game Fish is Brook Trout.  
The New Hampshire State Rock is Granite.    The shoreline of just Lake Winnipesaukee's islands is about 101 miles.
  The driving distance around Lake Winnipesaukee is about 63 Miles.  
Lake Winnipesaukee is only 504 feet above sea level.   The maximum depth of Lake Winnipesaukee is about 213 Feet.
  Fish in Winnipesaukee include salmon, rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, small and largemouth bass, pickerel, yellow and white perch, hornpout, cusk, & whitefish.  
Rattlesnake Island, near the southeastern tip of Lake Winnipesaukee, has a 400 foot rocky peak that can be climbed.   Lake Winnipesaukee has three islands with the same name, all called Loon.
  The smallest island in Lake Winnipesaukee is called Becky's Garden.  It's about 10 feet wide and varies with the water level.  
Some interesting island names: Overnight, Spider, Rattlesnake, Scavenger, Winch, Upper Shoe, Little Barndoor, Sleepers, Gichigumi, Little Whortleberry, Huck, Little Ganzey.   The most ice outs have occurred in April, specifically April 12th. Ice out has occurred in may and as early as march.
  The official Lake Winnipesaukee Ice-Out is determined when the Mt. Washington can successfully navigate to all it ports of call.  
Lake Winnipesaukee typically freezes over in mid January.   The New Hampshire State Flower is The purple lilac. 
  The New Hampshire State Amphibian is The red-spotted newt.  
Lake temps vary depending on the weather. Sunny summers can heat the lake up to 79 degrees. Cloudy summers can hold the water around 67-74 degrees.   The New Hampshire State Insect is The ladybug.
  There are over 273 lakes and ponds in the Lakes Region.  
Alan Shepard, the first American to travel in space was from East Derry, NH   The first person to drive the Mount Washington auto road was Feelan Stanley of Stanley-Steamer in 1899
  New Hampshire has about 40 rivers and streams with a total mileage of about 41,800 miles.  
New Hampshire State Population is 1,185,000 (1998 estimates)   The karner blue butterfly, lynx, bald eagle, short nose sturgeon, Sunapee trout, Atlantic salmon and dwarf wedge mussel are on the State's endangered species list.
  New Hampshire has 10 counties, 13 municipalities, 221 towns and 22 unincorporated places.  
The New Hampshire State Bird is The purple finch.   New Hampshire has 277 Square miles of lakes.
  The New Hampshire State Sport is Skiing.  
New Hampshire has 4 nicknames. They are the Granite State, Mother of Rivers, White Mountain State, and the Switzerland of America.   The New Hampshire State Motto is Live Free Or Die.
  The New Hampshire State Butterfly is Karner Blue.  
Our State Capitol is Concord and it is the seat of New Hampshire government. It is centrally located in the state on the Merrimack River.    The New Hampshire State Wildflower is Pink Ladyslipper.
  Lake Winnipesaukee has an estimated volume of more than 600 billion gallons.  
The highest point in NH is Mount Washington at 6,288 feet.   The former highest wind gust in the world was recorded on top of Mt. Washington at 231 MPH.
  Threatened NH animals include the pine marten, arctic tern, purple martin, peregrine falcon, whip-por-will and osprey.  
Weirs Beach got its name from the natives who built a basket, called a weir, to capture the fish that migrated through the Weirs Channel.   In a severe storm in August 2008, a large portion of the Weirs Boardwalk was washed away and later rebuilt better than ever.
  Wolfeboro is considered "The Oldest Summer Resort in America  
Peterborough in 1833 was home to the first public library in the United States.   The Belknap Mill is the oldest brick knitting mill in the United States.

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