Just how big is Lake Winnipesaukee?  How many islands does it really have?  When does it ice over and when does it ice-out?  What sort of fish could you expect to find in it?  How warm does the water get in the summer?  How old do you have to be to operate a boat? How deep is the deepest point? We've got answers to these and many more of the most commonly asked questions.  Feel free to email us with any questions not listed here.

Is Lake Winnipesaukee difficult to navigate?
It can be. It's broken up by hundreds of islands, partially submerged rocks, shoals, coves and other things that can make navigation for even an experienced boater challenging at times. Never set out on the lake without an up to date chart and/or GPS.

How much shoreline does Lake Winnipesaukee have?
About 182 miles of it.

How old do you have to be to operate a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee?
Unless accompanied by an adult, anyone under 16 can not operate a boat or outboard motor having power in excess of 25 HP. A person under 16 can not operate a ski or personal water craft under any conditions.

How big is Lake Winnipesaukee?
About 72 square miles or 44,586 acres in size.

Are there any good navigational charts of Lake Winnipesaukee?
Please click here for Bizer charts.

Is there a way for me to study for the boating exam online?
Yes. Visit the following address. You'll need a grade of 80 percent or higher to pass. Boat Safe NH Quiz

Do I have to take a boater education course?
You must have a NH safe boating certificate or hold a hold a NASBLA approved certificate from another state if renting a boat with a motor in excess of 25 horsepower. If you don't have a certificate, the place you're renting from will administer a quick exam on site to obtain a 14-day Temporary Certificate.

What is the total amount of Island Shoreline?
The shoreline length of all the islands combined is thought to be 100.5 miles, according to Bizer. For more info click here.

What's so special about Stonedam Island?
Stonedam Island has a wildlife preserve that can be visited only by boat. More Info.

How much water flows out of Lake Winnipesaukee?
"The flow of water leaving Lake Winnipesaukee at the Lakeport Dam is measured in cubic feet per second (CFS). To put this in perspective, 1917 CFS is enough to fill a standard swimming pool in about 1.2 seconds. For a period of 24 hours, 1917 CFS yields 1.24 billion gallons, or enough water to lower the level of Lake Winnipesaukee just one inch." Source: Bizer.  To find out how much water is flowing out of the Lakeport damn right now, click here.

What can I do to help prevent the spread of Milfoil?
Much the same as dealing with Zebra Mussels. Remove any foliage from your boat and trailer, and while boating, try to avoid passing through areas where there are aquatic plants. If you do find and remove milfoil from your boat, carefully dispose of it at a great distance from the water.

How can I prevent the spread of Zebra Mussels?
Perform an inspection of your boat and trailer for weeds, foliage, or anything green and remove, as the mussels are often found on plants. You will also want to flush the cooling system and your bilge areas. If you have live wells with water, discard all bait that may have contacted infested waters. You can also let your boat dry for 48 hours or more.

Do any islands have the same name?
Winnipesaukee has many islands with the same name. There are 3 Cove islands, 3 Rock Islands, and 6 islands which involve the word Pine in their names.

What type of fish can be found in Lake Winnipesaukee?
You'll find salmon, rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pickerel, yellow perch, white perch, hornpout, cusk, smelt, and whitefish.

When does ice out usually occur on Lake Winnipesaukee?
The most ice outs have occurred in April, specifically April the 12th. Ice out has occurred in may and as early as march. During the spring of 2001, the record breaking snowfall and severe winter weather delayed ice out until May 3rd.

What can I expect the water temperatures to be?
Well, the lake is of course frozen in the winter. In the summer, depending on the weather, the lake is warmed up to the 70's. During the summer of 2001 and 2013, an August heat wave warmed the water up to a comfy 79 degrees. In past cooler summers, the lake can struggle to get above 73 degrees. Current water temp.

What does Winnipesaukee mean?
It's an Indian word, which is is thought to have several meanings. The most common interpretation is "Smile of the Great Spirit"

What determines the exact time and date of Ice Out on Lake Winnipesaukee?
The official Ice-Out is determines when the Mt. Washington can successfully navigate to all it ports of call. The Lakes Region Association is responsible for reporting the announcement.

Are there any unusual Lake Winnipesaukee island names?
You bet. How about Overnight, Spider, Rattlesnake, Scavenger, Winch, Upper Shoe, Little Barndoor, Sleepers, Gichigumi, Little Whortleberry, Huck, Little Ganzey, and Guay.

When does Lake Winnipesaukee freeze over in the winter?
This can vary widely, depending on how warm or cool the fall and early winter days are. Most often, the lake is iced over by mid to late January.

How many islands does Lake Winnipesaukee have?
The always changing number is currently at 258.

Which island on Lake Winnipesaukee has the tallest summit?
Rattlesnake Island has a rocky summit that is 874 feet above sea level, or 370 feet above the lake.

What is the smallest island on Lake Winnipesaukee?
The island is called Becky's Garden. It's about 10 feet wide, and its size can vary depending on the lake level.

How high is Lake Winnipesaukee above sea level?
The lake is 504 feet above the sea.

How deep is Lake Winnipesaukee?
There are lots of figures floating around on this one. Some say depths of over 300 have been found in Weirs Bay. The most common and accurate number seems to be 213 feet.



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