With over 270 lakes and ponds and nearly 70,000 acres of water, Lake Winnipesaukee, Waukewan, Squam, Newfound, and Winnisquam all offer you the fishing adventures you crave. And with all this water around, you surely must be thinking that there several annual fishing derbies, and you're right. The biggest is the Meredith Ice Fishing Derby in February, followed by the Winni Derby in May.

Lake Winnipesaukee is a boaters paradise.  It's the largest lake in the state, with seventy two square miles of clear blue water set against a backdrop of rolling hills and mountains. Enjoy wide open areas for satisfying your need for speed and numerous quiet coves and sheltered areas for exploring and lounging around. For all its splendor, Winnipesaukee is not the only paradise in town; it's just one of 273.  There are many places that offer boat rentals or jet ski rentals, or places to launch your own boat. You can also sit back and relax while taking a guided tour aboard a cruise vessel such as the Mt. Washington.  This article will break down your options!

You'd expect there to be plenty beaches around a place referred to as the Lakes Region, and we don't disappoint! We probably don't need to tell you about Weirs Beach, but there are several other beaches in the Lakes Region. If the perfect one in your eyes is a little quieter and slower paced, then the atmosphere surrounding Weirs Beach may be too busy for you.  This section of the site will help you locate quieter spots to take a refreshing dip.

How would you like to hike up the mountains shown in the photo to the left? Provided that you are willing and ambitious enough, you can climb to the top of several peaks in the Lakes Region, where the view will blow you awayMost peaks are under 3,000 feet and can be done easily in an afternoon, although the definition of easy is subject to opinionThe trails we'll cover here are popular and well maintained.

So...you want to get to the good views, you want to see the spectacular sights, and you want do it without exhausting yourself with hours and hours of hiking? Here are some places offering horseback trail tours and lessons that are nearby.

The Lakes Region has several mini-golf course options, ranging from the very easy to pretty darn challenging. There are also plenty of driving ranges, country clubs, and public courses around to test your skills.  For the high tech golfer, Funspot has recently launched its new indoor golf simulator, and added indoor mini golf.

Here are several nearby areas where you can drop your canoe in and do some paddling.  We'll assume that you're on this topic because being on a busy lake doesn't appeal to you as much as a peaceful day spent gliding down a waterway. For this reason, the bodies of water that we cover below are some of the quieter and more remote places that are suited for exploration by canoe instead of powerboat.  

Skiing just so happens to be the official state sport for New Hampshire, as such, you know we take pride in offering some of the best skiing in New England. On average, southern New Hampshire usually gets around 60 inches of snow during the winter and central New Hampshire gets about 85.  Of course, the mountains get a lot more. Far northern New Hampshire, in the Great North Woods, comes in with the statewide snow jackpot.  In fact, the topography of that region in combination with orographic lifting yields annual snowfalls of upwards of 140 to 200 inches of snow!  New Hampshire ski resorts are constantly working to improve trails and snowmaking in their efforts to offer you the very best.

In a state where between sixty and nearly two hundred inches of snow can fall in a year, snowmobiling plays a big part of the winter recreation scene. There is no better way to explore deep into the woods and find spots you otherwise would have missed if forced to stay within the bounds of a days hike, or an hours drive. There are around six thousand miles of snowmobiling trails in the state for you to choose from, most of which are actively maintained by an army of volunteers and clubs.

Ice fishing provides a wonderful excuse to get outside in the heart of winter and enjoy the scenery, quiet solitude, and the thrill of the catch.  Protected coves and bays on Lake Winnipesaukee can freeze over as early as around Christmas, while the rest of the lake may take considerably longer.  In some years with mild winters, the entire lake may not actually freeze, but it won't really impact you since those areas are usually small and avoidable.