In a state where between sixty and nearly two hundred inches of snow can fall in a year, snowmobiling plays a big part of the winter recreation scene. There is no better way to explore deep into the woods and find spots you otherwise would have missed if forced to stay within the bounds of a days hike, or an hours drive. There are around six thousand miles of snowmobiling trails in the state for you to choose from, most of which are actively maintained by an army of volunteers and clubs.

In an average winter, the riding season around Lake Winnipesaukee can last as few as six and as many as eleven weeks in length. For the rest of the state, it's closer to 12 weeks or longer.

Lake Winnipesaukee usually freezes by mid January, and the snowmobiles usually take to the ice shortly thereafter. Some years the ice conditions can make for smooth riding, but always be on the lookout for gaps, pressure ridges and other hazards; particularity later in the season. Please note that skimming over open water is illegal in New Hampshire. 

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General Information:

Registration Fees

  • Resident (club member): $64
  • Resident (non-club member): $94
  • Non-resident (club member):  $84
  • Non-resident (non-club member): $114
    Where to register and more info

Speed Limits

» Within 150 feet of a bobhouse/fishing hole.
» On sidewalks/bridges that are posted open.  
» At trail junctions or in parking lots.
» When passing grooming equipment.
» On trails where no limit is posted.
» On plowed roads on D.R.E.D Property. » On Turtletown Pond, Concord.
» On all trail connectors.
» At night on Back Lake in Pittsburg.



General Snow Depth Map

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