want to get to the good views, you want to see the spectacular sights, and you want do it without exhausting yourself with hours and hours of hiking? Here are some places offering horseback trail tours and lessons that are nearby.

Riding in the Clouds
Enjoy a guided horseback trail ride through the historic wooded acres at the Castle In The Clouds beautiful mountaintop estate in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Get away from the stress of life and relax with a quiet, peaceful, calm, walking trail ride and bond with your horse. Our beautiful trail ride takes you by Shannon Pond, through wooded trails, fields with amazing views of Lake Winnipesaukee, across a wooden bridge over and along Shannon Brook small waterfalls.  

High Meadow Farms
Our trail rides are much different than your "typical trail rides." We specialize in beginner riders and part of riding is learning how to prepare your horse to ride. The "lesson" begins by grooming and tacking up your horse, and spending some time getting to know your horse before you ride it  (they all have such unique personalities). We then go down to the arena and learn the basics of riding to help you feel like you have control of your horse and have some knowledge of how to communicate with it (most trail ride places just have the horses walk in a single file line and the horses just follow the one in front without the rider having any control).  Once you feel comfortable we begin our adventure into the woods. 

Black Mountain
What sets our rides apart from any in this entire region? One crucial detail: Elevation. The base of Black Mountain is at 1250 and our rides venture up to elevation 2,000! The views at this altitude are simply breathtaking and cannot be experienced otherwise. In addition, our skilled guides and well trained horses will offer even the most novice riders, a safe and enjoyable experience. As you wander along our mountain side trails, take in the incredible views and breathe the fresh mountain air, you will encounter ultimate tranquility. Sunrise and Sunset Rides also available.

In addition, the following state parks have some trails that are open to equestrian use.

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