There are only about 50 National Scenic Byways in the country, and New Hampshire is proud to feature three of them.  The White Mountains Trail, the Connecticut River Byway, and by-far the most popular; the Kancamagus Highway.  In addition, NH offers over 1,000 miles of state or locally designated scenic byways. 

Kancamagus Scenic Byway

Almost 35 miles of beautiful scenery.  Ideal during foliage season, or any season really.  Climbs to about 3,000 feet with numerous overlooks and views, historic sites, trails, waterfalls, rivers; pretty much everything you'd expect from a national scenic byway.  A real must do. Interstate 93, exit 32 (Route 112) and follow Kancamagus signage.   More information.

The Lakes Region Tour

From quaint small towns, to its biggest city, to its magnificent views, this route will explore the best of the Lakes Region's character.  For the complete write-up, click here.


White Mountains Tour

A spectacular 100 mile loop taking you through the best of everything the White Mountains have to offer.  Enjoy seven covered bridges, thirty-two scenic overlooks, historical sites, roadside waterfalls and quaint New England villages.  More information

Connecticut River Scenic Byway

Featuring 274 miles, 3600 historic and cultural sites, state parks, scenic vistas and more, conquering this byway will be a lengthy but enjoyable task.  The Connecticut River has a humble beginning as a trickle in extreme northern New Hampshire in the town of Pittsburg; a town best known for snowmobiling as well as offering the highest chances of spotting a moose you'll find anywhere outside of Alaska.  The river slowly grows and twists downstream, serving as the border between New Hampshire and Vermont before ultimately ending it's 410 mile journey in the sea.  More information


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